About Us

We welcomed our first set of babies in 2009 when we established Granma's House Creche,incorporated in 2008. Our vision then was to meet a dire need at the time. At Granma's House we provide a daycare centre of great quality care and facilities run by qualified and experienced staff in an environment that's Home Away From Home. A place where nursing mothers could drop their children and be at peace at their work places.

Five years later, in 2013, we expendedas our organization was granted permission by the Ministry of Education to proceed into the primary school. At this juncture, we re-grouped and renamed the primary section Front Range Nursery and Primary School. Front Range Schol is owned and managed by the Directors of Granma's House Prep. School.

Front Range School operates in a modern site which provides an outstanding environment for learning. We have a fully equipped STEAM lab,ICT suite, Art Studio, Library, Nurse Station and classrooms equipped so that all specialist subject needs are catered for.

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Mrs. Ajayi